Wizard of Oz percussion setup

2016 Wizard of Oz (RSC) EHK12

Here’s my percussion setup for the recent production of “The Wizard of Oz” at Edmonds Heights K-12, with Mike Corey as the music director. We used the RSC version, as opposed to the MUNY version. I was playing both the drums and the percussion book, so I wasn’t able to squeeze everything in. However, I think I did pretty good with the space I had. Most of the playing was snare/bass/hi-hat and bells, so I built everything else up around those instruments. I found a big aluminum wash basin at Home Depot to use for some Tin-man sound effects. There are two drum triggers on the left side of the setup; Mike the MD had that rig and wanted me to use it for the timpani hits. Here’s all the included gear:

Drum set: Mapex Tornado fusion kit, Pearl 3″x13″ piccolo snare, Sabian AAX fusion 13″ hats, Zildjian 15″ A custom crash, Wuhan 8″ splash, and Sabian AA Metal-x 20″ ride.

Everything else: Yamaha DTX-3 drum triggers and brain; wash basin; Steve Weiss anvil; Korogi 2.6 octave xylophone; little plastic siren; Deagan bells; Rhythmtech DST tambourine; LP Black Beauty cowbell; LP 72-bar studio windchimes; LP jam block piccolo, high,and medium; Alan Abel triangle mounted on a Miller Machine. Not pictured: whistle.

About Chris Stroh

Seattle percussionist and music teacher. OAKE Executive Board member.
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